Remark Software Tutorial

We are aware of continued problems with the Insight 20 scanners (white/blue trim) that are used to gather images for use with the Remark software in the L1763 and S2356 workrooms.  Because of this, we have devised a new way of scanning your forms that is faster, easier, consistently functional, and accurate without jamming.  Copy Machines!

Most every copier on campus has the ability to create a PDF image file that can be sent to yourself and then read into the Remark Office OMR software.

Using the Remark Grading Software



Step A: Scan your students’ answer sheets and key

Step B: Retrieve and save your data

Step C: Grade the exams

Step D: Access reports

*Note: This process assumes that your students used Remark answer sheets when they took the exam.

See the attachment on the right for additional details.

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