Service Catalog

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Tech Support

IT managed services support your day-to-day technology needs. Our support, operation, and maintenance of campus technology ensures that college employees and students have the IT resources they need. Listed below are the managed services that we support on an on-going basis to help maintain administrative and academic IT service continuity.

Professional Services

Professional IT services help the college overcome specific challenges through a dedicated project. Our workforce has developed areas of expertise that range for application development to media services. Projects range from straight-forward to complicated, which is why a methodical, planful approach is taken. Listed below are the professional services that we provide to help support the mission of the college.

IT Service Management

Comprehensive college projects like rolling out a new business software or a cloud migration can sometimes rely on IT Service Management to implement, operate, manage and support new or modified IT resources. The scope of this work can often involve consulting, problem-solving, research, planning, implementation, adoption, training and future ongoing support. The following services can help college planners and strategists to find the right administrative or academic IT solution.