The teaching & learning tools listed below are approved for use by all instructors at Normandale in your campus or virtual classrooms.

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D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is the online course management system used by Normandale Community College and all other Minnesota State schools.

Kaltura Mediaspace / Audio & Video creation tools

Kaltura Mediaspace allows you to create, upload, and share videos in D2L. Zoom recordings made “to the cloud” are automatically converted into Mediaspace videos.


VoiceThread is an interactive discussion board/lecture presentation tool integrated into D2L.


Kahoot is a game-based learning tool that allows instructors to present content in a fun, interactive way. Kahoots can be accessed by students either synchronously, or asynchronously.

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Pinned Article Honorlock Release - June 13, 2023

Honorlock Updates and New Releases

Pinned Article Honorlock Update - August 10, 2023

Honorlock monthly updates

Pinned Article Honorlock Update - July 6, 2023

Honorlock Update

How to access Office 2019 from home

Students can access Office 2019 remotely by going to

How to create a fillable PDF document (Employees only)

This page describes how to convert a Word document into a PDF with fillable text fields.

Mathematica: How to Request a Home-Use License

Mathematica: How to Request a Home-Use License

Remark Software Tutorial

Most every copier on campus has the ability to create a PDF image file that can be sent to yourself and then read into the Remark Office OMR software.

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor Access in Computer Lab C2190

To use Respondus in the computer lab, you will need to log into the computer with the username Exam instead of your StarID.

Turnitin - embedded AI detection (artificial intelligence)

This article explains the non-renewal of the trial period for Turnitin AI detection.

Visual Studio Login in the Classroom

Microsoft Visual Studio is available for students in various computer classrooms on campus as well as in the computer labs. Microsoft Visual Studio requires students and instructors to log in using their Office 365 credentials.