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If you are looking for fun interactive content for your Face-to-face course or even an online course, one app to look at would be Kahoot. You have probably heard of this app before, it's used a lot in K-12 education. It's a game-based app where students can (if they want) compete against each other on questions that you pose to them in a timed format.

  • Kahoots can be designed as a variation of a lecture where can insert content along with game quizzing.
  • Kahoots can be used in asynchronous courses.
  • YouTube has a LOT of videos if you want to find out more.

How do I get a license?

If you are interested, Normandale IT does still have some licenses available, and more may be acquired if needed. Contact IT to request a license if you are interested.

Note: Teams (shared) vs. My Folders (private)

For instructors who have already started making Kahoots, be sure to save your Kahoots properly.

Kahoots that are in the TEAMS folder are for sharing and could accidentally be edited by other instructors.

The process bellow walks you through moving your Kahoots to the MY FOLDER area - and for future reference for new Kahoots you don't want to share with other instructors.

kahoot teams folder vs my folder


add new folder using the + sign under My Folders


click back to get to the folder list for moving stuff into


Choose My Folders to move the kahoot into


click Move Here to move your Kahoot from the Teams (shared) folder to your private folder

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