Supplemental Online Teaching Tools

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The following tools are available to you and your students to facilitate teaching and learning.

1. Kaltura Mediaspace

  • Mediaspace is a video storage and creation platform hosted by Minnesota State.
  • Direct link:  or use the link in the “Resources” menu in a D2L course
  • Note: All videos will process with automatic captions – be sure to check for accuracy and edit as needed. If you need help editing captions, use this online form.

2. Zoom

  • Zoom is a web conferencing software & app hosted by Minnesota State
  • Direct link: , or in the Resources menu in a D2L course

3. H5P

  • H5P is a content authoring tool that includes interactive content to help supplement materials
  • Repositories of pre-made content can be found through the Minnesota State hub or through Ecampus
  • Trial licenses are available through the Minnesota State office through 2026 and will be extended beyond that if needed
  • Contact for more information

4. VoiceThread

  • VoiceThread is a virtual classroom tool that allows for asynchronous creation of mixed-media assignments, lectures, and discussions.
  • Add VoiceThread links to D2L for instructor and student access.
  • Find the VoiceThread tool in the Existing Activities menu of a D2L content module.

5. Kahoot

  • Kahoot is a gaming app that allows you to create interactive content for student learning activities
  • Kahoot does not connect to the D2L gradebook, but you can provide a link in D2L or a code for students to join a learning activity
  • Request a Kahoot license by submitting an IT Request

6. Padlet

  • Padlet takes the idea of the notice board and makes it digital, so it's enhanced.
  • Padlet creates a space for teachers and students in education to share but in a way that's actually better than the real-world version.
  • Request a Padlet license by submitting an IT Request

7. Turnitin

  • Turnitin is a plagiarism checking tool, and incorporates a “GradeMark” tool for annotating student work.
  • Turnitin is integrated into the D2L “Assignments” tool.
  • Find the Turnitin settings in the “Feedback and Evaluation” tile of your Assignment editing page.

8. Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor

  • Respondus Lockdown Browers is integrated into the D2L “Quizzes” tool, and when activated, prevents students from navigating to new tabs or windows during a D2L quiz.
  • Respondus Monitor activates a student’s webcam for online proctoring during a D2L Quiz.
  • Students need to install both of these tools on their device.

9. Honorlock

  • An additional online proctoring option that works within a student’s browser, rather than through a software installation
  • Students need to use the Chrome browser and install the Honorlock extension
  • Create an Honorlock link in a D2L Content module through the Existing Activities > External Learning Tools menu

10. Library teaching & learning tools

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