D2L End Date - extended by 7 days

Update to D2L “End Date” for student course access 

As of May 13, 2022 
Information compiled by: 
Kathleen Coate, Instructional Designer/Technologist 
Kris King, D2L Administrator 



The D2L “End Date” for a course refers to the timeframe when students can access the course page in D2L. This is not always the same as the official “end” of the class as listed in eServices.  

Update to D2L “End Dates” for courses 

  • Starting in Fall 2022, the D2L End Date will automatically be extended by 7 days. 
  • This update comes from a newly-available process through our D2L Administrator. The change does not affect the official “end date” of the course in eServices. 

Why is this “End Date” update happening? 

  • The Minnesota State technology team is now offering this ability to colleges who hope to remove barriers for students who need to access their courses in D2L outside of the course’s default D2L “End” date. 

  • Several colleges already extend the End Dates through their own campus D2L Admins, and are now using this new centralized ability to provide this extension. 

What impact will this update have on students? 

  • Students will no longer have to rely on their instructor to manually edit the D2L “End Date” in order for them to access final grade feedback, or other needs they may have in D2L. 

What impact will this update have on instructors? 

  • Instructors will no longer have to manually edit their D2L End Dates in order for students to access final grade feedback, or other needs in D2L. 

Will Instructors still have the ability to change the “End Date” of D2L course dates to accommodate their needs? 

  • Yes. As is the current policy, instructors may still edit either the Start Date or the End Date of D2L to accommodate their needs. 

Does this change impact the course dates that students see in eServices, or the Normandale course schedule? 

  • No. This change has no impact on ISRS dates, or the Normandale course schedule. It only impacts the timeline for accessing the course’s D2L page. 

How did this change get decided upon? 

  • This change has been vetted through the Normandale Technology Committee, and voted upon by the Normandale Campus Academic Technology Team, with input from faculty, administrators, and student services staff. 

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