Create a D2L Development Course, add colleagues if desired


Instructors can create their own ‘Development Course’ in D2L to use for building a new course, sharing materials, or trying new tools/features.

  • Instructors are limited to 10 development courses. 
  • Instructors are added to the course in the role of "Facilitator", which has all the same permissions as "Instructor," with the addition of the "Add Participants" button.
    • Find the "Add Participants" button in the "Communications > Classlist" menu.
    • With this function, you may add colleagues, academic deans, etc. to your DEV courses as needed.


First, locate and log in to the “Request Help” widget in D2L 


Step 1: From your D2L homepage, or a D2L course page, locate the “Request Help” widget in the lower-right corner of your page.  

  • If you are already signed in to the widget, you may skip the next 2 steps. 

  • If you are not already signed in to the widget, your page will “jump” to the bottom each time you log in to D2L. 

Step 2: Sign in to the Request Help widget, using your Office 365 credentials. See screenshot below. 

Request Help widget with message that says Sign in to start using Power Apps 

Step 3: When you log in to the widget for the first time, you may be prompted to authorize the connection to your Office365 account by clicking the “Allow” button. See screenshot below. 

Window with an "Almost there" message and an "Allow" button to finalize the sign in process 

Next, Submit your Development Course Request 

Step 1: Within the Request Help widget, click the Menu icon. 


Step 2: Click Dev Course Request 


Step 3: Click the plus (+) icon to submit a new request. 

Step 4:  Enter a course name. You can see the end result just below the input field.  


Step 5: Click Submit. Note: The ability to create a dev course is limited to faculty. 

Step 6: Your course will be created within minutes (depending on volume). You will receive an email upon completion. 


Alternatively, you can check the status on the Dev Course Request page: 


Need to add colleagues to your DEV course?

Adding colleagues makes it easy to share materials and/or work together on content.

  1. Once your DEV course is created, navigate to Communications > Classlist.

  2. Select the blue Add Participants button, and select Add existing users.

  3. In the Add existing users field, type your colleague's name OR StarID.
    Important: Be sure you have the right person. If more than 1 name appears, use their StarID instead.

  4. Select the box to the left of their name, and select the Role you want them to have (see options below).
    1. Facilitator: will have all the same permissions as you have, including adding other users.
    2. Student: will only be able to view the course as a student would.
    3. Student leader: will have access to build some materials, but not copy or export from the course.
  5. Select Enroll selected users

  6. Select either Done or Add more participants

Watch a video tutorial of these instructions!


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