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Sample Structure for D2L courses

  • Whether you are new to online/D2L Brightspace, or a veteran, you can use the pre-built partial framework and templates here as a jump-start when building a course in D2L. The Starter Pack site provides you with example materials and course layout that you may import and edit as appropriate for your needs.
  • This is not intended to be a full course, but rather some starter components you may use as building blocks to help you get started.
  • Even if you do not import the Starter Pack into your own course, you may peruse the structure for ideas on how to organize your own course.

What's included:

  • Sample Modules, with two submodules each, for organizing your course content.
  • Alternate layout suggestions in case you want to reorganize the pre-built modules
  • Pre-built items in your Table of Contents modules & submodules, which you can edit or delete as needed.
  • Document Templates for content design, which are fully accessible, and responsive to various screen sizes.
  • An "Orientation Quiz" which you can edit and setup for your own needs.
  • A "Q & A" Discussion board for students to ask questions
  • A "Course Evaluation Survey" Quiz where you can link your Course Survey
  • Three sample Rubrics (Note: The Rubrics will be "hidden" from students in case you don't need them. If you choose to use them, make them "visible" using the "Options" menu within the Rubric tool.)

Instructions for importing and editing are also included

For access to the page, please email ctl@normandale.edu


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