D2L Combined & Unmerge Course Request Form

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Do you need your D2L Brightspace courses combined or unmerge combined courses? 

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Question: Why would I want to request Combined Courses to D2L Brightspace?

  1. If you have a cross-listed course that is listed in multiple departments (example:. ANTH/SOC/WMST), you should consider a combined course in D2L Brightspace.
  2. If you will be teaching multiple sections of the same course (example: PSYC 1000 10, 11, & 21) and would be using the same materials for all three sections, a combined course would manage content for all three courses in a single course shell.

Additional notes:

  • Combining of courses with different delivery modes is not advised, except in cases where course meeting times are in alignment.
  • Be sure to clearly identify which courses should be combined in each grouping, and they will be created to your specifications.
  • Submit a separate form for each combined course request
  • "Early Access" for D2L courses is no longer necessary, because your courses are available as soon as they are assigned to you.

How to Request

Click the red "D2L Combined & Unmerge Course Request Form" button and complete the request form.


D2L Combined or Unmerge Course Request Form


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