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ATTENTION: SMART Users can find more information at the SMART Special Interest Group site located here.

SMART Switchboards are a collection of applications written in Microsoft Access, usually using data extracted from our student information database, to facilitate a number of administrative functions performed by Normandale staff and faculty in 25 different functional areas of the college. 

All SMART users who need assistance with fixes, minor enhancements, projects, or new user requests, should submit a request using the Submit a SMART Request button to the right. 

Fixes and New User Requests
Fixes will be worked on immediately if at all possible (based on workload). New User Requests will normally be processed within 3 days of receiving the request. The Requester will be notified when a fix is implemented or a new user added.

Minor Enhancements
A SMART Technical Support Team meets weekly and reviews minor enhancement requests. Members of this team will work with the Requester to document requirements, understand the criticality, and time line. The Requester will be notified when the minor enhancement is implemented.

Larger Project Requests or Other Requests
The SMART Special Interest Group (SIG) meets on a regular basis to review larger project requests. The Technical Support Team performs preliminary review and develops a rough-cut scope estimate. The SIG then reviews the requests and recommends approval or disapproval. The SIG also determines the priority of the request. The Technical Team will then perform the design and development work. The Requester will be notified when the project is implemented.

The Requester will be contacted if more information is needed or when their request is completed. 

Please use the Submit a SMART Request button on the right to submit a request.

Submit a SMART Request


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