Kaltura MediaSpace Quizzes - Requesting help for manual transfer to D2L

Want help with the transfer of MediaSpace Quiz scores to D2L?

  • This is a workaround for the current error in video quiz transfers - read more here.
  • Article updated 9/8/2023.

To get help, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Retrieve and Download the Quiz Scores from Kaltura MediaSpace

1. Login to mediaspace.minnstate.edu, and access the video quiz

2. Select Analytics from the Actions drop-down menu of the video.

3. Select Quiz Users

4. The Quiz Users tab shows all attempts, and the results can be exported to CSV. Click Export to CSV.

Step 2: Email the csv file as an attachment to ctl@normandale.edu

Include in the email:

  • The course name & number (ie - THTR 1101-10)
  • The name of the grade item where the scores need to appear
  • Note that it may take up to a week for us to process the grades, depending on demand/workload

Please send a single email for each csv file.

We will reach out if we have additional questions. 

Alternative steps:

If you have a large number of Video Quizzes and sending separate emails for each one is too time consuming, an alternative method is for Kathleen Coate to access your CSV files for you - however - this would involve getting your permission for Kathleen to be added as a "Co-editor" of the videos. Please reach out via ctl@normandale.edu if this is something you want to explore.

These steps outline a new process we are trying in order to help faculty manage the current issue with scores not transferring. Please be patient as we work out any kinks in this process. Thank you for your understanding!



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