D2L Demonstration Course

What is the D2L Demonstration Course?

  • The D2L Demonstration course is designed to familiarize students with D2L Brightspace. This course is not part of your official schedule at Normandale, but will help you be successful in each of your scheduled courses.
  • Your regular instructors may refer you to this course, or they may require you to complete some of the activities, in order to help you be more successful with online learning.
  • This course will allow you to practice with and explore the main tools & features of D2L.
  • Each instructor uses D2L a little bit differently. Ask your instructor if you have specific questions about how they use D2L.

How to Access the D2L Demonstration Course:

Click here to go directly to the course!

Step 1: If prompted, Log in to D2L using your StarID

sign on with StarID

Step 2: Click on your “Select a Course” icon and select “D2L Demonstration Course”

Step 3: Read through the Announcement on the course homepage and get started!

If you do not see the course:

Step 1: Log in to D2L using your StarID

Step 2: Navigate to the “Academics” menu

Academics in the upper left corner

Step 3: From the Academics menu, select “Self Registration”

self registration

Step 4: Find the course named “D2L Demonstration” course, and click on the link.

Step 5: Submit the “Register” button in the lower-right corner.

Step 6: Select "Submit"


Step 7: Return to your “Select a Course” icon and enter the course by clicking on the title

Description of the course 

This course will help you: 

  1. Learn the various types of online tools & course delivery methods
  2. Navigate your course's D2L Brightspace page
  3. Find all the course Materials
  4. Upload Assignments
  5. Take online Quizzes or Tests
  6. Post in Discussion boards
  7. Communicate with your instructor
  8. Use various "Tips" for staying on track with your courses
    Look for the "Tip" image for good reminders & study skills
  9. Advance your skills with various "Level Up" tutorials
    Look for the "Level Up" image to learn more about specific topics:
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