Student Worker Account Notification


**Please submit the Student Worker request at least 2 weeks before expected starting date. **



Student workers can obtain a student worker (employee) account.

Student workers can obtain a student worker (employee) account, along with an employee email and access to resources. Student worker employee accounts are not automatically created. The student worker's supervisor must submit a request to ITS with the student's full name, department, and title and the access that they need including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • StarID
  • Do they need email?
  • What email group(s), if any, do they need access to?
  • Do they need a Teams phone number?
  • What, if any, call queues do they need to answer?
  • What, if any, I drive folders do they need access to?
  • What other application access do they need?


New Student Worker accounts and changes are delivered through a notification.

Service Description

New Student Worker, changes or office location, end dates, and more are handled via a Student Worker Notification.

Standard Features

By default, all student workers are provided with the following:

  • Computer account
  • Add Title, Department, Office, Manager to their account

When ITS receives the Student Worker Notification, we also add the following (if needed):

  • Email
  • Phone Number, if phone needed
  • Add to Phone Response Groups
  • D2L Brightspace settings
  • Employee Intranet permissions
  • SMART Databases
  • ImageNow

Supervisors will need to include approval to ITS for the following access:

  • Inet Drive
  • Specific applications

Roles and Responsibilities

User Responsibilities:

  • Supervisor is responsible for sending notifications to ITS regarding new hires and change in status.
  • Supervisor is responsible for requesting additional access for a student worker.

ITS Responsibilities:

  • ITS will communicate the status of the request to the user, supervisor, or HR/Dean's Assistant's as needed.

How to Request

Click the Request Service button and complete the request form. You will have the option to attach a notification.

Student Worker Account Request


Service ID: 49717
Thu 3/25/21 2:39 PM
Fri 8/11/23 10:01 AM