Local Administrator Access Request

To request local administrator access to your computer, please click Local Admin Access Request to the right.

It is not common practice to provide administrative privileges to users of workstations as it increases the likelihood of malicious software compromising Normandale's systems. However, in some instances, it may be necessary. The user requesting administrative privileges must demonstrate sufficient technical ability and continuing compliance.
This request is subject to the restrictions outlined in Normandale's Acceptable Use Policy and Minnesota State's Acceptable Use Policy.  Users should pay special attention to Part 4, Subpart B.5: "Users must not knowingly download or install software onto system information technology unless allowed under applicable procedures or prior authorization has been received."
Local administrator access may be permitted on faculty and staff workstations only; classroom or student lab workstations are not eligible. Local administrator rights will not be permitted on shared workstations or workstations with access to confidential data.
By requesting access, you agree to the following:

  1. You will only be given local administrator access to the desktop/laptop assigned to you.
  2. You must conform to the End User License Agreement (EULA) associated with any software you add. The EULA is a legal contract between the manufacturer and/or the author and the end user of an application. The EULA details how the software can and cannot be used. Only users delegated by the President can accept agreements on behalf of the college and the state of Minnesota.
  3. ITS monitors all installed software to ensure that it is safe, up to date, and does not harm our environment.
  4. You will ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to keep your workstation secure and free from viruses, Trojans etc.
  5. You will be solely responsible for all files, data, applications or any other data stored on the workstation.
  6. ITS will not backup any data or software on the workstation and it will be your responsibility to work with ITS to ensure that adequate steps are taken to protect workstation data from loss, theft or damage.
  7. If the workstation needs to be rebuilt, IT will re-image it to the base image.  ITS will not re-install any applications or reconfigure the machine to its previous working state.
  8. ITS may rescind your administrative rights if these terms are not complied with.
  9. Your administrative rights will be reviewed and re-certified on an annual basis. You will need to re-request access by 12/31 of each year.
  10. ITS reserves the right to amend the conditions of this service as appropriate.

To request local administrator access to your computer, please click Local Admin Access Request to the right.

Local Admin Access Request


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