Classroom Software Request

Please take a moment to let us know about the software you need for the next academic year for the appropriate classroom and lab computers. Please also consider any software you may need students to access remotely for online classes. We will be updating software over the summer, as we do every year. 

Please submit a request to let us know what you need for the next academic year. Please complete this before May 15th. We will try to ensure all software is installed and updated. However, software requests made in the summer may not be ready by the start of fall semester. 

For on-campus classes, please let us know the computer classroom you are teaching in and a list of software you will need. The College Services computer classrooms are being renovated and replaced and we are starting from scratch for the software that needs to be installed. 

For remote classes, please let us know what your students need. To help you know what's currently available here is a list of software students can access remotely or install on their personal computers. We have also submitted a funding request to continue Apporto Virtual Computer Lab for another year. 

Please note that this applies to software that is locally installed on computers. Cloud services are typically accessible from anywhere on the Internet. Please be aware that all software and cloud services should be reviewed by legal and IT security before purchase and use with students. Please contact ITS for more information.

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Classroom Software Request


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