Instructors: How to make your course Pulse-friendly in 3 simple steps

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What is the Pulse app?

  • Officially named “Brightspace Pulse,” this app can help students track their D2L due dates, access some course content, and grades. 
  • Watch this video to see Pulse from a student's perspective 

What are some of the main features of Pulse? 

One great feature is the “Upcoming” tab, where students can see a combined list of their course’s due dates & end dates: 

To do tab shows students a compilation of due dates from all courses 

What does “Pulse-friendly” mean? 

A “Pulse-friendly” course means that all of your assigned activities in your course are designated on your course’s D2L “Calendar.”  

How can I make my course pulse-friendly? 

Here’s a list of 3 specific steps you can take to make your course Pulse-friendly: 

  1. For all D2L Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions, set a “Due Date” and/or and “End Date.” 
  2. If you have other due dates for assigned projects that do not use D2L tools (such as, in-person presentations, in-person exams, etc.) then follow any of the suggestions below: 
    1. Create a D2L Assignment and navigate to the “Submission & Completion” tile. From the “Submission Type” menu, select either “Observed In-person" or “On paper”. Set a Due Date or an End Date for that Assignment. 
    2. Create a Content module for the activity, and upload any documentation that students need for that activity, such as a description, grading criteria, etc. Set a Due Date and/or End Date for that module, and/or for each content item in the module. 
  3. Use Start and End dates on Announcements. If you update an Announcement, click the box that says “Major edit – send a notification and restore it for those who dismissed it”. 

How can I let my students know about Pulse? 

  1. Download the image below and insert it into your Syllabus, and/or in your D2L course.
      pulse friendly course logo
  2. Share this video with students: 

Other tips about Pulse: 

  1. Pulse does not provide a full experience of your D2L page. Here are some limitations: 

    1. Images & hyperlinks embedded into Announcements or Description fields will not be accessible through Pulse. 

    2. Items that are not linked through Content AND do not have Due Dates or End Dates will not be accessible in Pulse. 

  2. Pulse is best used in the following ways: 

    1. Tracking due dates from multiple classes 

    2. Allowing a space for students to add to-do items or events to track 

  3. Students can “launch” the course directly from the Pulse app, which will provide them full access to your course in D2L through their smartphone’s browser. 

Additional resources: 

Video Playlist: How To Make Your Course Pulse-Friendly (in less than one hour)  

  • Note: some views of the D2L tool shown in these videos may appear slightly different than what you see in D2L, based on recent D2L updates.  

Document: Optimizing your Course Setup for the Brightspace Pulse app 



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