Change Teams Status "Available - Out of Office"

How to Fix your Teams Status:  Available - Out of Office , when you are Available and in the office.


When your Teams status shows as "Available, Out of Office", 
this can happen due to 2 scenarios:

1.  Out of Office (OOO) status is enabled in Outlook

Firstly, check whether "Automatic Replies" option is active inside the Outlook. It can result in Out of Office status inside the Teams.  The Available - Out of office shows up as a status when you have your Out of Office Enabled and you have your Teams app open on a device and is active.

To turn off Out of Office status in Outlook:

Open Outlook > click on File > click on Automatic Replies (Out of Office) > select "Do Not Send Automatic Replies" for both Inside My Organization and Outside My Organization tabs > click OK

2.  Review Calendar Appointments in your Outlook Calendar for any shared calendar appointments 

Check your Outlook calendar for any shared calendar appointments.

If someone has shared their calendar with you and they have sent you an Outlook meeting request/appointment for a day off, this may affect your status.  If the meeting/appointment shows that person as Out of Office (OOO) during that time, it will show you as out of office and available.  

To fix this,
Open the Meeting request, click on Appointment, look for the "Show as" box, and change Out of office, instead to Free status, and then Save the changes by clicking on Save button in upper left corner or (CTRL+S).  


Finally, after completing the steps above, you may need to refresh your status in Teams.  

Change your status in Teams:

Open Teams, 

Click your profile picture towards the top, or More.

Click your current status and select what you want to update to: Available  (or Reset status).

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