Printing & Scanning at Normandale

Normandale provides printing services to students, faculty, and staff. Printers are available in a variety of locations on campus for convenient printing.


What is SecurePrint?

SecurePrint offers 2 great features:

  • Follow-me-printing allows you to release your print job from ANY SecurePrint printer on campus.
  • Print jobs provide security by printing once you release them at the printer. They don't lay around for others to find. 

How to print to SecurePrint:

You can print to SecurePrint on any Normandale device and select SecurePrint as the printer. This is the default printer on most computers.

You can also use Mobile Printing

  1. Log in to your Normandale email
  2. Create a new email message
  3. Attach the document(s) you want to print
  4. Send the email to
  5. Release the job on the printer. It may take 5-6 minutes before the print job shows up.
* Your email has a 25Mb limit.
* Your print jobs will not be sent if your email exceeds 25mb.
* The larger the file the longer it takes to show up in your queue.


Mobile Printing Alternative

If you can't use your email or can't afford to wait 5-6 minutes for the job to show up on the printer, you can also upload your file to a website.

  1. Go to
    Note: you can only access this site from on campus
  2. Log in using your StarID and password
  3. Go to Web Print on the left navigation pane
  4. Click Submit a Job
  5. Click  3. Upload Documents
  6. Upload your document
  7. Click Upload and Complete
  8. Release your print job on the printer.

Print Settings

  • To print, press Ctrl + P on your document and verify that SecurePrint is selected as your printer. 
  • Settings:
    • All jobs will default to black & white.
    • All jobs default duplex (print on both sides of the paper).
    • If needed, please change the settings on the print menu before pressing print. Their location will vary from application to application.

Printer Functions

For more details, please see SecurePrint Printer Functions in Detail.

Log in to SecurePrint printers by swiping your Normandale ID card.
Note: Please login with your StarID and password after scanning your ID Card. This only needs to be done the FIRST TIME you login.

Release a Print Job

  1. Login to the printer/copier.
  2. Select the Print Release icon.
  3. Select the job you would like to print and press Print.

Scan a Document

  1. Login to the printer/copier.
  2. Select Scan
  3. Select Scan to Email or Scan to OneDrive
  4. Prepare the original to be copied by either:
    1. Opening the copier lid and placing your document on the glass, OR
    2. place the document face-up in the feeder tray
  5. Press Start to scan to email or your OneDrive.
    Note: the first time you scan to OneDrive, you will get an email with instructions on how to enable Scan to OneDrive.

 Copy a Document

  1. Login to the printer/copier.
  2. Select Copy and choose your desired options.
  3. Press the Start to start copying.

Additional Information


For Mobile printing, PaperCut accesses the mailbox every 5 minutes to check for any available WebPrint jobs. It then takes an additional 30-45 seconds to process through PaperCut.

If faculty/staff and/or students want immediate printing access, they will need to go to, then click on WebPrint to immediately upload a job to SecurePrint. This URL works on Normandale's Wi-Fi/Ethernet.

Lowering the time below 5 minutes will result in POP3/SMTP timeouts/rate limits by Microsoft.

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